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Healthy Hair From Root to Tip

Beautiful girl with long healthy hair.

  We all want healthy, shiny hair, but getting there requires more than just regular shampoo and conditioning. I’ve seen it all as a professional hairstylist, from dry and brittle hair to oily, weighed-down locks. But one thing is certain: maintaining healthy hair is essential. After all, healthy hair is the foundation of any great… Read more »


Bond Rebuilders for Hair: An Essential for Healthy Locks

  As a professional hair stylist, I have seen how styling, coloring, and heat can damage hair. While regular trims and deep conditioning treatments can be beneficial, bond rebuilders can make an even bigger difference. Bond rebuilders are treatments that work to repair the bonds that have been broken down within the hair shaft due… Read more »


Introducing Back of Bottle at Salon Blonde

  At Salon Blonde, we’re always on the lookout for top-quality products that will help our clients look and feel their best. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Back of Bottle, a new product line from industry veteran and icon, Ray Civello. Back of Bottle is a luxurious and innovative line of… Read more »


Give With Meaning: Gift Sets That Serve All

  2019 has brought attention to an important (but often overlooked) detail: meaning. Things like mental health, self care, social and environmental responsibility have been hot topics of conversation. We’re learning to pay more attention to loving ourselves, our planet and each other and that if it doesn’t spark joy, to let it go. This… Read more »