Amazing Botanicals And A Whole Lot of Love

February is the month of love, right? But before you dive into all the ways to show your love to people who are important to you, we want to encourage you to show someone else they’re super special. Someone you may have overlooked. YOURSELF!

#Selfcare may be a buzzword now, but it has always been a concept here at Salon Blonde in Tucson, AZ. In fact, it’s been a defining principle at Aveda since its beginning in 1978. Forty-two years ago, Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher held a belief that was pretty radical at the time—that what you put ON your body should be as healthy and toxin-free as what you put IN your body. Concerned about potentially cancer-causing ingredients in beauty supplies, Horst became a global pioneer by pledging to use non-toxic, organic and botanically based ingredients in Aveda products.


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That promise is still as strong as ever. As concerns about possible links between hair color and cancer continue to this day, Aveda’s professional hair color lines stand out from the crowd—with plant-derived ingredients and lack of toxic substances found in commercial hair color. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals such as parabens, petroleum, phthalates, ammonia or coal tar. Aveda color is up to 99 percent naturally derived with ingredients including jojoba, kukui, castor, coconut and sunflower oils. Instead of a synthetic catalyst to oxidize the color, Aveda uses a patented green-tea extract.

Talk about self-love! Not only will you love your rich, vibrant, fade-resistant shades, you’ll love that your hair looks shinier and healthier, and is protected from future damage by nourishing plant oils. By opting for Aveda color, you show that not only do you love your hair, but that you love the earth (the ingredients are sustainably sourced), you love animals (it’s 100 percent cruelty-free), and you love your stylist as well! That’s because neither one of you have to breathe in in toxic fumes during your color service. This is a LOT of love to go around.

The love continues when you choose Aveda products for home care. They also are naturally derived and cruelty-free, and more and more Aveda lines are going vegan. The ingredients used in Aveda products are absolutely decadent, nourishing your skin and scalp with incredible plant goodness and your soul with life-affirming aromas. The best compliment is, “You smell like Aveda!” — and that all comes from the very best elements found in nature.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites!

NUTRIPLENISH. Aveda’s newest premier line of hydrating, moisturizing hair care products pack a nourishing punch with actual superfoods—organic pomegranate and coconut oils plus mango butter. If you’ve never experienced hair on superfoods, Nutriplenish’s Light and Deep Moisture formulas and leave-ins will provide you with the healthiest tresses you’ve ever had.


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SAP MOSS. This shampoo and conditioner provides healthy hydration, but doesn’t weigh your hair down at all. It’s not magic, but an ingenious combination of larch tree sap (which seals-in moisture to survive long, cold winters) and nutrient-rich Icelandic moss (which absorbs twice its weight in water).

TULASARA. The offerings in Aveda’s deluxe spa skin care line include morning and day cremes, an eye creme, and concentrated serums. They rejuvenate, heal, fade dark spots, smooth fine lines and add radiance. Their secret? Riches from the earth including potent turmeric extract, licorice root, organic ginger, pomegranate, camomile, and grapefruit—just to name a few.

FEED MY LIPS. Do you know how many lippies are made with dead bugs? If your lipstick (or anything else) contains: “CI 75470,” “cochineal extract,” “crimson lake,” “natural red 4,” or “carmine,” it’s made with … sorry to say … crushed beetles. We personally think superfruits are MUCH better! Aveda’s Feed my Lips line of lipsticks, pencils, glosses and balms are vegan, cruelty-free and made from deliciously edible ingredients like mangosteen, avocado, acai and pomegranate.


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SHAMPURE. Aveda’s iconic favorite comes in shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo, hand and body wash, body lotion, and even a vegan soy wax candle. That clean, fresh, universally pleasing aroma is thanks to an intoxicating blend of 25 plant and flower essences such as organic lavender, sunflower seed oil, ylang ylang, petitgrain and aloe.

We could go on and on about Aveda’s commitment to natural, cruelty-free and sustainable ingredients, but the proof is in how they make you look and feel. Come on into Salon Blonde in Tucson and smell for yourself! Using (and giving) products made with incredible botanical ingredients (plus a big dose of love) is one of the sweetest Valentines there is.