Redefining Fall Colors: Our Favorite Looks for Autumn 2019

Happy Fall!

It’s finally hit us. School is back and full-on sweater weather is just around the corner. It’s officially time to shake off that last little bit of summer sand and move into autumn mode. With our modern Instagram-obsessed culture, fall fashion makeup now goes beyond the simple “wear fall colors” rule of years past. In 2019, we’re smarter and more fashion-forward than ever, and our fall looks are the perfect demonstration.

Read on for the looks we’re loving for this fall and our new favorite products that will help you achieve them.

Move Over Tan: This Fall is Vibrant

Traditionally, autumn used to mean moving into more tans and browns as the leaves changed color and warmed up hair color like a cozy cup of tea. And that’s great if that’s your speed, but this fall, we’re embracing a fresh, new vibrant palette that reflects the beauty of peak foliage and the many colors of an autumn sunset. We’re talking fuchsia, yellow, red, blue and even purple—either all-over uniform color or bold, piecey designs.

And if you think these bright, bold colors are only for the 25-and-under crowd, we’re here to tell you that anyone can pull these fresh colors off—it’s all about wearing the attitude as well as the hair.

Photo: Aveda

The recent launch of Aveda’s new Vibrants professional hair color line is responsible for some of this unleashed creativity. As their first direct-dye professional color line (fancy-speak for the color in the tube is the color going on your hair), stylists are finding amazing new ways to develop bold, fashion-forward looks with Aveda color. Aveda Vibrants are semi-permanent, meaning the color lasts for about 12 washes, leaves no line of demarcation, and requires little maintenance.

If you’re new to color or want to dip your toes into fashion color without any scary commitment, Aveda Vibrants are the perfect thing. And like all Aveda color, they leave your looking healthier than before, with incredible shine. What’s not to love?

Getting the Inside Line on Lips

Just like the exciting fall color palette, this fall is all about a statement lip, from the highly-pigmented to the super shiny. These bolds are deeper versions of natural colors—we’re talking rich burgundies, bold berries and saturated roses. The key is strong, perfectly-applied and creamy. Enter: Aveda’s new Feed My Lips Pure Nourish-Mint Liquid Color Balm. Like a grown-up version of everyone’s favorite 1990s liquid lipstick, Aveda’s new color balm is like liquid lipstick that drinks green tea and does a lot of power yoga.

This 100% vegan formulation comes in seven creamy shades that look amazing on all skin tones, and lasts up to eight hours without bleeding or drying. It applies like a cushiony, weightless balm and nourishes lips while providing high-impact color. And it smells amazing, with essences of ginger, peppermint, mandarin and vanilla.

If your personal style is more shine than color, Aveda’s new Feed My Lips Pure Nourish-Mint Lip Gloss is a perfect compromise. With its instant plumping action and all-day moisture, this balm is simultaneously high-shine and super lightweight, so it’s comfortable on lips (because no one likes that hair-glued-to-the-lips look.).

And of course, the classic red lip is always appropriate, and we can’t stop watching this Aveda Liquid Color Balm application video posted by Aveda Global Artistic Director Janelle Geason:

So ditch the safety of neutrals and try on a pop of color this fall. If you don’t want to go full-on bright and crazy, think about throwing a couple of streaks of peekaboo teal in your hair, or even just bump up your natural red with Aveda Vibrants Daffodil. Top the look off with a creamy, highly-pigmented liquid color balm, and your fall look will be fabulous.

To swatch Aveda color balm or gloss, or to talk to a colorist about updating your fall look, visit us at the best salon in North Ridgeville or book online.