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So you think you want bangs?

So you think you want bangs?

People get bangs for all sorts of reasons. Some people want to soften a high forehead. At least a few of you are going through a Zooey Deschanel phase. And others are simply looking for a bold new look. If you’ve found yourself tempted to join the ranks you’re not alone…and you’ve probably sent a few dozen selfies of yourself with faux-bangs to your friends, asking whether or not you should take the leap. It only seemed fair that we, your trusted stylists, be allowed to weigh in. And we think that yes, you should absolutely get bangs! We are all for it. As long as…

The Art of the Midday Hair Fix

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re meeting an old friend for lunch, hitting up happy hour with colleagues, or planning a hot date after work. You look in the mirror and — Oh. My. God. The blowout you slaved over this morning has been replaced by something most unwelcome. To keep it from putting a damper on your day (or your look), here’s the Salon Blonde guide to fixing your hair in a pinch.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Whether it's the minimalism that's been a runway mainstay for so many seasons or the organization fervor spawned by Marie Kondo's bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it seems that simplification is being sought after like never before. Never ones to leave a trend (if you can call it that) unexplored, we'll be taking these principles to heart as we head into a new year- - and are setting ourselves up for success by starting with what we know best. Read on for the Salon Blonde guide to keeping your world of beauty sweetly simple.

A Gift For Everyone

A Gift For Everyone

The holidays are in full swing—and with them, so is your mounting anxiety about tracking down the perfect gift for everyone from your kids’ teachers to your in-laws. Well, grab an Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate and a mug of tea and take a deep breath—we’re here to help.

How to Rock a Bold Lip

If you follow runway beauty trends, you might have noticed that bold lips are back. And just in time, too—what other beauty option goes so well with mugs of hot cocoa, enchantingly chilly nights and holiday frocks?

Like any great trend, a brightly-hued lip is not one-size-fits-all. The secret to successfully incorporating it into your beauty repertoire is to find the variation that works best with your life and your style.