Guest Experience



To us, the Modern Luxury experience means the best salon services in a gorgeous location, but without being pretentious. Your comfort and welcome are paramount to us, and from the refreshment bar to the front desk-less greeting area, we have designed our salon around your wellbeing.

The first thing you notice when you walk in the door is the energy.

We greet you in person and check you in, offer you a tour and a beverage, and make you feel welcome. We start all services off with a thorough complimentary consultation, which may involve just your primary service provider or several specialists, depending on what your beauty goals are.

We take the time to make you look and feel amazing, including offering complimentary Aveda stress-relieving rituals with every service, such as a neck and shoulder massage, a hand massage, a lipstick refresh for the ladies, and for men, a steamy towel when it’s cool out or an ice-water towel with neroli for the Arizona heat. We provide all these little extras to encourage you to relax and enjoy our services, and we will never rush you through the experience.

We also understand that your life is busy, so we work as a team to respect your time and never make you wait or keep you in the chair any longer than you need to be there.

We’re the perfect place for a relaxing day at the salon, as well as your go-to for a lunchtime shine treatment and blowout. We’re always here for your special occasions, bang trims, clean-ups, or drastic changes, to hold your hand, give you good advice, and make sure you look amazing.

We can’t wait for you to come see us an experience the Salon Blonde difference.