Head: Harvesting your best hue

A new season is upon us. We’re swapping out our cover-ups for sweaters and our gladiators for booties. Soon, every bit of our day will whisper warm and inviting—from our morning pumpkin spice latte to the richly colored leaves  we pass on our walk to work to the aroma of cinnamon candles burning in the evening. And during the season of all things warm and inviting, your hair should be, too.

As fall fast approaches, it’s time to check your iCal and call your stylist. Before you head to the salon, though, read this. Brunette is the style of the season. Darker shades are in, but which is right for you? Hint: It depends on your skin tone! Read on to find out more. 



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Warm Eva Longoria

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A-list celebs like Jennifer Anniston and Eva Longoria were both blessed with warm skin tones. Often associated with descriptive words such as “olive” and “honey”, warmer skinned-toned folks tend to have green or brown eyes, are known for their ‘glowing’ skin, and are predisposed toward those enviable tans that seem to last year-round. So, what shades of brown go best? Colors ranging from golden to copper to cinnamon to chestnut to chocolate. Though their hair colors here are strikingly different and on opposite ends of the spectrum, they have an inherent warmth in common—one that beautifully complements your skin tone.


Cool Sarah Jessica Parker

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Cool Gisele Bundchen

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Cool-toned skinned doesn’t necessarily mean fair-toned. Instead, you can usually identify it by its pink, red, or bluish undertones. For your brunette style, choose warm and rich options that won’t wash out your face—especially during the colder months. (Picture light and golden browns or shades of caramel-tinged espresso.) Also consider adding lowlights: subtle undertones that will amp up dimension and help take your look to the next level.


Dark Rhianna

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You probably know if the tone of your skin is dark. But do you know what different shades of brown are best for your hair? Essentially, the ones that don’t match. Matching your hair color to your skin tone will give you a washed-out appearance. As a rule of thumb, cool shades will help lighten your face and give you an overall warmer, more approachable look. We recommend deep espresso, medium brown, and a dark brown with golden babylights (which can help to highlight the face). Plus, each of these three shades matches well with dark eye colors.

Remember, there’s no harm in playing with a few different colors to see what pops best. Though your skin tone helps to determine your shade, your options are still endless. And best of all, you’re not in this alone. Every color service at Salon Blonde begins with a personal consultation, during which your stylist can help guide you toward the color choices that work best not only with your skin tone—but with your lifestyle and budget, too. 


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