A Gift For Everyone

The holidays are in full swing—and with them, so is your mounting anxiety about tracking down the perfect gift for everyone from your kids’ teachers to your in-laws. Well, grab an Aveda Stress-Fix Concentrate and a mug of tea and take a deep breath—we’re here to help.


The best gift is something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. With that in mind, scoop up a Salon Blonde gift card for our Elemental Nature Facial, which is customized to meet every client’s individual needs. Everyone deserves top quality skincare—with a side of relaxation.

Toss in a post-spa blowout (for her) or an Aveda Men Pure-Formance Spray (for him) to complete the spa package. 


Dry Shampoo is pretty much everyone’s other best friend these days. Why not treat yours to a non-aerosol (read: planet-friendly) variety that she may not have tried yet? This new Aveda gift set also includes a wooden paddle brush—which is a lovely daily luxury that massages the scalp as you brush and reduces stress on your hair. 

Dry Shampoo
Source: Aveda 

If you want to go the extra mile, add in a blowout for the two of you and grab reservations for a catch-up dinner or cocktail. You’ll look fabulous—and feel even better—afterward. 


If you aren’t sure of her preferences, bath and beauty products might feel impersonal or risky. Instead, grab a gift set featuring all seven of Aveda’s chakra scents: Feeling Balanced is a Gift.  It includes all seven fusions of pure essential oils that harness the power of Ayurveda to improve your mental and physical well-being.  They’re designed as body sprays, but we love using them to freshen up a room—and shift the mood as needed. 

Source: Aveda 


Spring for Aveda’s Gift of Comfort and Light. A candle is a classic host gift for the same reason all classics become classics: because they really are that good. And believe us when we say these ones are sure to please, with a spicy aroma of ginger & ginger lily that perfectly toes the line between floral and musky; upscale and herbal. 

Source: Aveda 


You love your kids, but you know they can be a handful—particularly when they are accompanied by 10-20 similarly-aged sidekicks. Treat the superhero who teaches them to love learning to an extra-relaxing winter break with a Gift to Relieve Stress for the Road. It features Stress-Fix hand creme and Stress-Fix Concentrate, both of which feature the line’s signature lavender and clary sage scent.

Stress Fix
Source: Aveda 

Alternately, slip a Stress-Fix Concentrate into bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils (to quote our favorite movie) and tag them “Tools of the Trade.” Cute, no?


For your officemates, spring for little luxuries sure to brighten their Monday mornings. Help them create a mini moment at their desk with comforting Aveda Tea (offices are always freezing, after all) and Aveda Hand Relief, which is now available in more signature Aveda scents than ever before (Shampure, Beautifying, and Rosemary Mint). 

Hand Relief
Source: Aveda 

Best of all? When you give an Aveda gift set, you’re helping provide employment for over 5500 people in Nepal—meaning an Aveda gift is truly a gift for everyone

P.S. Don’t forget to treat yourself. ;) 

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