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Back to School for Grown-Ups: Your Fresh Start

Back to School for Grown-Ups: Your Fresh Start

There a lot of things we miss about being a kid—ice cream trucks, never having heard of taxes, and daily naps chief among them. But this time of year, what we miss most is the sense of possibility that came with the yearly back-to-school rush.


There are so many things to love about August. The Arizona days are long and lazy, the sunlight is so golden, it’s practically filtered, and we seem to savor summer a bit more knowing it’s on its way out. The only problem? It’s still hot—so hot—and we just can’t.

Summer Beauty Blunders: Solved

Something about summer has us feeling our most beautiful. Maybe it’s the long days filled with Instagram filter-esque light, the freedom to apply bronzer more liberally than usual, or the fact that we’re dressing to impress rather than to survive freezing temps. That being said, summer doesn’t come without its unique array of beauty issues. Fortunately, fixes are easier than you think.

You CAN Pull It Off: Unexpected Colors for Summer

When it comes to beauty and style, some of the old rules of thumb are just that: old. The reasoning behind many forbidden looks is decidedly unclear (I’m sorry, why can’t I mix brown and black leather?)—and when it comes to makeup, just plain deceptive. We know blue eyeshadow has practically become punchline, but done correctly, it lands just right. The same goes for any number of fun shades that are perfect for summer experimentation. Read on for our tips & tricks:

Spring 2015’s Most Eye-Catching Blooms

Spring 2015’s Most Eye-Catching Blooms

Yeah yeah, we know.

The wisdom of Miranda Priestly aside, you’d have to be a true ice queen to not appreciate the abundance of colorful blooms that sweeps into our lives each May. Accordingly, we’ve decided to round up a few of our favorite floral-inspired trends popping up this spring. What can we say—we’ll always be the one counting the days until peony season and stopping to smell the jasmine.